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Tekmar 263
Tekmar 263
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Tekmar 263 - Boiler Control - Outdoor Temp. Reset - Two Stage/Modulating - DHW - Setpoint



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Tekmar 263 - Boiler Control - Outdoor Temp. Reset - Two Stage/Modulating - DHW - Setpoint
Tekmar 263 - Boiler Control - Outdoor Temp. Reset - Two Stage/Modulating - DHW - Setpoint
Model: 263
Was $874.00
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    For nearly three decades, tekmar has been providing zoning and control solutions for a variety of heating and cooling applications. Products made by tekmar can improve the efficiency and comfort delivered by almost any system. The tekmar 263 Boiler Control controls a single water temperature. It is equipped to operate a system pump and a DHW pump, or valve, in addition to a two-stage or modulating boiler or two single-stage boilers in order to satisfy heating, DHW, and setpoint demands in a hydronic system. A boiler pump may be added in place of a second single-stage boiler. The 263 Boiler Control possesses several energy saving features, including outdoor temperature reset, to make your system more economical.
  • Intelligent Control
  • By monitoring system and outdoor temperatures, the tekmar 263 is able to make intelligent decisions. This includes adjusting supply temperatures based on outdoor conditions and maintaining a minimum return water temperature.
  • With the wide variety of operating modes and equipment it supports, the tekmar 263 is sure to make your system operate more efficiently, without sacrificing comfort.
  • Warm Weather Shutdown
  • A warm weather shut down temperature may be programmed to prevent your system from running when it in unnecessary or untenable.
  • Proportional, Integral, Derivative (PID) Staging Mode
  • In PID mode, an advanced algorithm weighs many variables, including sensor temperatures, when making operation decisions. PID reduces short-cycling, improves efficiency, and prevents temperature drops in your system.
  • Boiler Rotation
  • When you are using the tekmar 263 Boiler Control with two boilers, it will take each boiler's cumulative run time into account when deciding which boiler will fire first. This prevents one of your boilers from being overused.
  • Program Your Ideal Schedule
  • This control allows you to define time periods when your building is unoccupied and the water temperature may be reduced. This control supports the following setback schedule formats: 24 hours, seven day, and Saturday/Sunday/weekday.
  • Product Includes
  • (1) tekmar 263 Boiler Control
  • (1) tekmar 082 Universal Sensor
  • (1) tekmar 070 Outdoor Sensor
  • (1) 500 Ohm Resistor


specs product image PID-32483
General Information
Voltage Type
Electrical Data
Maximum Load
5 Amps
Product Height
6 5/8 Inches
Product Width
7 9/16 Inches
Product Depth
2 13/16 Inches
Product Weight
3.3 Pounds
UL Listed
CSA Listed
Warranty Information
Parts Warranty Learn More
1 Year


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Tekmar 263 - Boiler Control - Outdoor Temp. Reset - Two Stage/Modulating - DHW - Setpoint
Tekmar 263
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