Ken D.

Product Expert

Ken DeJong has been a versatile handyman for decades, able to adapt to every home improvement challenge thrown his way. From working on cars in his youth, to installing carpet, and even doing decorative painting, Ken is a determined jack-of-all-trades. He served as a manager at Lowes before joining the Power Equipment Direct team.

Ken has amassed a wealth of product knowledge across various categories, especially when it comes to heating and cooling equipment. He has taken roughly 130 hours of professional training hosted by industry vendors and now trains others in his department. He’s particularly fascinated by ductless mini splits and the inverter technology that makes them exceptionally quiet and efficient.

When he’s not helping customers choose the right evaporator coil or tankless water heater, Ken puts his creativity to use designing t-shirts and writing royalty-free instrumental music. To sum up, Ken is a professional who is obsessed with acquiring new skills and sharing his knowledge to help others optimize their home living.

Ken D.
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