Mini Split Concealed Duct Unit Guide

Mini Split Concealed Duct Unit Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Mini Split Concealed Duct Unit

If you want a seemingly invisible form of zoned air conditioning, the mini-split concealed duct unit may be just what you're looking for.

Concealed mini-split units can be used to cool or heat spaces that would otherwise be difficult to condition, such as:

  • Historical homes
  • New additions
  • Sunrooms 
  • Basements

The unit itself can be installed out-of-sight in an attic, crawlspace, closet, or utility room. and can use short duct runs to deliver air to more than one register.


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When to Choose a Concealed Duct Unit

choosing a concealed ductIf you're looking to condition a family room or dining room as inconspicuously as possible, a concealed duct unit may fit the bill. Concealed duct units are hidden behind the scenes, with only the grille covers visible.

Using their own higher-efficiency ducts, concealed units can provide even coverage in large rooms by utilizing short duct runs to disperse the air through various outlets and can even provide comfort to an adjacent, smaller room.

With concealed duct mini-split systems you don't have to worry about messing with old ductwork from inefficient forced-air systems.

Installing a Concealed Duct Unit

Installing Concealed DuctThe places you could install a concealed duct unit are virtually endless. Hiring a professional who's familiar with mini split system installation is a wise choice.

If you're installing it in an attic or a crawlspace, you need to ensure the attic or crawlspace is insulated and conditioned like the rest of your home. If it's not, you can build a box around the unit and cover the outside of the box with insulation to keep condensation from forming.

If you're using ducts for delivering air to multiple locations in the same room, transition ducts will be needed and you'll want to purchase outlet grilles as well. If you're incorporating a return air vent, you will need to include a filter to protect the unit from dust and contaminants.

If you install the unit flush with the surface of the wall, ducting may not be needed, but

you'll still want to purchase a grille to protect the unit and provide a finished look.


Other Features of Concealed Duct Units

Concealed Duct FeaturesWant more fresh air? If desired, you can connect your unit to a fresh air fan or duct to supply fresh air into the space you're conditioning.

All mini-split concealed duct units feature a condensate removal pump that removes water resulting from the cooling of warm, humid air. You will need to attach a drain pipe or PVC to the pump in order to drain the condensate.

Concealed duct units typically come with a wall-mounted control for adjusting temperature and output.


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