Increase Comfort by Lowering Humidity In Your Home

Increase Comfort by Lowering Humidity In Your Home

Removing Humidity with a Mini Split Air Conditioner

Chris, the eComfort Product Expert
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Mini splits are supremely efficient, quiet, and effective systems; but can they lower humidity too?

You bet! In fact, they are great at removing moisture from indoor air and they can do so in different ways, depending on your preference.

Just like any air conditioner, mini splits remove moisture during the cooling process, but with added flexibility you won't find anywhere else.


And, unlike typical central air conditioners, mini splits also offer what many manufacturers refer to as a "dry mode" to remove moisture when cooling isn't necessary.


Humidity Affects Your Comfort

Affects Your ComfortThink of a hot, muggy day where the heat and humidity outside seem to stick to your skin. Humidity makes heat even less bearable.

High humidity can make it more difficult to breathe, harder for your body to cool itself, and can encourage the growth of allergens, bacteria, and mold. In a less humid environment, you will feel more comfortable even if the air is warmer.

So, if you can reduce humidity, you can stay comfortable even with your thermostat set a bit warmer, allowing you to save on energy costs.

Keeping air dry will make it easier to breathe and reduce the chance of mold growth, all while keeping your home more comfortable. It's a great way to improve all aspects of your indoor atmosphere.


How Mini Splits Dehumidify

Dehumidification While CoolingWhile in cooling mode, warm indoor air is drawn over a coil that's filled with cold refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the indoor air, dramatically reducing its temperature.

As its temperature decreases, the air becomes less capable of holding moisture. The water in the air condenses into a liquid, like the moisture on the outside of a cold glass of ice tea on a humid day, and separates from the air moving across the coil.

The moisture that's removed is referred to as condensate, and needs to be drained to a suitable location, sometimes with the aid of a condensate pump.

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Dry Mode

Dry Mode ActivationIn addition to removing moisture during cooling operation, most mini splits offer another handy mode for drying the air in your home.


If you're comfortable with the temperature inside but would like to lower the humidity, you can switch the indoor unit to dry mode.

Dry mode works in very much the same way as cooling mode, except the fan speeds are much, much lower. This means the air is moving more slowly over the coil, allowing for more moisture to be removed.

While running a unit in dry mode may actually reduce your indoor temperature slightly, it's an effective way of removing humidity without converting your home into a frozen tundra.


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Chris, the eComfort Product Expert
Product Expert
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