How to Warm a Towel for the Most Enjoyable Drying Experience

How to Warm a Towel for the Most Enjoyable Drying Experience

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Imagine the embrace of a warm towel immediately after stepping out of the shower. No shivers or shakes. Just pure, unadulterated comfort. 

A hot towel warmer can soothe those bathroom chills by heating and drying your towel and even lending a little extra heat to the room itself. If you're looking to add elegance to your bathroom and transform it into a personal spa, a heated towel rack is a great starting point. 

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What is a Heated Towel Rack?

A heated towel rail is sometimes called a towel radiator because it radiates heat out of metal pipes designed in the shape of a rack. The towel radiator will warm and dry your towels when you hang them up before or after a shower.  

There are two different power sources for towel warmers: 

Electric Towel Rail 

Electric towel warmers take advantage of the 120V power sources already available in your bathroom to generate heat. 
Depending on your electrical setup, installation preference, and decorative tastes, electric towel racks can be purchased in either hardwired or plug-in connection types. They are the best choice for a homeowner looking to add an elegant touch to their bathroom without major construction. 



Electric Towel Warmer Guide


Types of heated towel racks


Hydronic Towel Rail 

Hydronic towel racks are perfect for homes that already use a boiler for heating because they radiate heat from hot water flowing through the pipes. 
These towel warmers connect to the existing hydronic system and provide an even, consistent heat, whether just for heating your towels or the bathroom itself. 
When the water being used in the towel warmer is heated by a gas, electric or oil-fired boiler, the towel warmer’s operational cost is typically lower than when powered by electricity. These future savings are slightly offset by the additional installation work that needs to be done for a hydronic towel warmer, but if you plan on using your towel warmer often, it’s a wise investment. 



Hydronic Towel Warmer Guide



Electric vs Hydronic Towel Warmers 

  Electric Towel Warmer Hydronic Towel Warmer
Installation Costs Lower upfront cost Higher upfront cost unless home has existing boiler systems 
Efficiency Typically less efficient Typically more efficient when used with existing boiler 
Mounting Can be freestanding or wall-mounted Must be wall-mounted 


Benefits of Heated Towel Racks 

Many people think that heated towel racks are just meant to heat towels for use after a shower. Although that’s perhaps their most enjoyable purpose, it’s not the only one. 


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The benefits of heated towel rails include: 

  • Dry towels: After most people dry themselves, they hang up the towel and let it air dry. Problem is, the damp towel becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. One study found that used towels have 1,000 times more coliform bacteria than clean ones. Has your towel ever had a musky smell? You’re smelling those bacteria.

    A towel rail dries your towel fast, removes the environment where bacteria thrive, and keeps it clean longer. 

  • Water Savings: Since a heated towel rail helps slow bacterial buildup on your towel, you can wash the towel less. Instead of every day or two, you can probably wash it once a week and save on your water bill! 

  • Heated Bathroom: Towel radiators not only heat your towel, but they can double as bathroom heaters, depending on their size. Although they shouldn’t be used as a primary heating source, they can be a great supplemental heat solution.  

  • Timer Controls: Worried you’ll forget to turn off your towel warmer? Many come with timer functions that will automatically turn the unit off after a specified period. So, there’s no danger of it running all day. 

  • Elegance: For those looking to add a taste of luxury into daily life, heated towel racks will do the trick. Available in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles, towel warmers can complement your bathroom’s look and feel. 

  • Amazing Comfort: You can’t put a price on the wonderful feeling of drying yourself in a warm towel, especially during the colder months when stepping out of the shower can be a chilling experience. Your whole household, from adults to kids, will start looking forward to every shower.   

How to Use a Towel Warmer 

Using a towel warmer seems simple, and it is! However, there’s one misconception many people have regarding how to hang the towel. 


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Do Not hang your towel opened and draped out because the heat will escape, and your towel will remain wet. Instead, fold your towel once, or even twice, so the heat will seep through and quickly warm the towel. If you’re worried about the top part of the towel being colder than the part touching the rails, just put another towel over the one you want to use. Then, the one you use will be toasty through and through! 

If your primary goal is to dry the towel after a shower, then hanging it up in a single layer will be the fastest option. 

Also, keep in mind that it will take some time for the towel rail to warm up if you’re turning it on right before use. Turn it on about 15-30 minutes before hanging up the towel. 

Besides bathrooms, towel warmers can be used in kitchens, mud rooms, entryways, and laundry rooms. You can dry bathrobes, dish rags, bathing suits, and more. Anywhere you need some drying or supplemental heating power is a great application for a heated towel rack.  


Not Sure Which is Right for You? 

Be sure to check out our specific guides on electric towel warmers and hydronic towel warmers. If you still need help deciding what is right for you, give us a call at 866-554-4328 for expert help or click below to see our full towel warmer catalog. 



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