Warehouse Unit Heater Buying Guide

Warehouse Unit Heater Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Warehouse Unit Heater

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Forget the hazards of portable heaters with long, wild cords. In a commercial environment, a safer, more permanent, professional solution is key.

Warehouse unit heaters are a great solution for heating commercial spaces, such as warehouses, stores, or large greenhouses. They provide increased safety over their portable alternatives and don't take up any of your valuable floor space.

In order to select the right warehouse unit heater for your application, you will need to consider a few factors, the first of which is how it will generate heat for your space. Depending on the fuel or heat source you choose, you may then need to select from some venting, heat exchanger, or orientation options.


Choosing Your Warehouse Unit Heater's Fuel or Heat Source

Consider your access to various fuels, the cost of fuel and electricity in your area, and any existing heating systems. Based on these factors, your preferred warehouse unit heater will generate heat through one of the six mediums or fuels listed below:

Natural Gas

Natural GasOne of the most popular ways of generating heat is combusting (i.e. burning) gas. If you have a gas line easily accessible, natural gas (abbreviated "NG") usually the least expensive way to heat your space.


If your warehouse is connected to a commercial space with a furnace, boiler, or other appliance that already uses natural gas, it's likely that an installer could extend that gas line to the warehouse itself for use by the unit heater.


How to Pick the Perfect Natural Gas Warehouse Unit Heater

Liquid Propane

For those without easy access to natural gas, liquid propane (abbreviated "LP") is a readily available and still relatively inexpensive option.


Initially a part of natural gas, propane is typically sold in its liquid state by the gallon and needs to be stored on-site in large quantities. The negative side of using propane is the need to consistently monitor the amount of fuel you have left. If you run out, so will your heat!


How to Pick the Perfect Liquid Propane Warehouse Unit Heater

A Helpful Tip: Converting NG to LP

Because using liquid propane is less common than using natural gas, LP warehouse unit heaters are often not stocked, causing longer lead times and higher prices than their equivalent NG version.


Luckily, most NG unit heaters have compatible NG to LP conversion kits (sold separately), which are typically in stock. If you need your liquid propane warehouse unit heater quickly, we advise purchasing the same unit in a natural gas configuration and adding a conversion kit from the product page's accessories tab.



ElectricityIf other fuel options are not available, or you live in a location where electricity is particularly inexpensive, an electric warehouse unit heater might be the best choice for you. While the common portable electric space heater may sound like an appealing option, its heating capability is limited by the amount of current that can be supplied by a standard outlet.

Electric warehouse unit heaters, on the other hand, are direct wired, opening the possibility of providing all the heat you need from one source. Plus, since they're mounted on the wall or ceiling, electric warehouse unit heaters also keep your floor space clear, helping maintain a safe workplace.


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Hot Water

Hot WaterIf you have a hot water boiler already heating up a connected office space or powering a production process, you can take advantage of the hot water it already produces with a hot water unit heater. While gas-fired unit heaters are always designed with your safety in mind, some people prefer not to add another combustion site to their workplace if they don't need to.

Hot water warehouse unit heaters contain just a heat exchanger and a blower. The heat exchanger uses hot water from your existing hydronic system, and the blower simply pushes air across or through the heat exchanger to be heated and then out to your warehouse.


How to Pick the Perfect Hot Water Warehouse Unit Heater


SteamHave a boiler that uses steam instead of hot water? No worries! If you’ve got the steam, we’ve got the unit heater!

Many unit heaters that can handle hot water can handle steam, as well. Just connect the unit heater to your steam boiler system and get ready for a big boost in comfort.

How to Pick the Perfect Steam Warehouse Unit Heater


OilFor locations where oil is the primary fuel used for heating, oil-fired unit heaters will do the trick. Oil unit heaters are a great heating option where natural gas is unavailable and electricity prices are unreasonably high.

Like liquid propane, oil needs to be stored on-site and refilled periodically. However, many oil suppliers have an option for automatic deliveries based on your historic usage and weather conditions that can save you from running out too quickly or buying too much at a time.


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