7 Reasons to Get a Mini Split System

7 Reasons to Get a Mini Split System

Benefits of Ductless Mini Splits

Some of the most heated arguments arise from the temperature at home. It's happened in my household before. My wife will set the thermostat to a temperature she's comfortable at during the summer. Meanwhile, I'll be sweating as if I just ran a 10K in a three-piece suit!

With traditional heating and air conditioning systems, it's hard to please everybody. The other problem is that, based on how your system is set up, the room you spend the most time in might be the least conditioned.

Woman Reading under mini split wall-mount unit

Ductless mini splits help end these temperature wars. Theoretically, you can have one in every room and set a different temperature in each. Let's take a closer look at why mini splits are becoming more and more popular with homeowners.
If you're not familiar with how mini splits work, check out our guide on that.

More Livable Space

Is there a room in your house that just never seems to be the right temperature? It's too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. A mini split system is an efficient way to make that room--be it an attic, basement, sunroom, etc.--more livable.

Small, single zone mini split systems are perfect for distant bedrooms, single room home extensions, or even man caves, allowing you to keep your entire home heated or cooled for a fraction of the cost of upgrading your furnace or air conditioner. In other words, keep your same central air system, but add a mini split to help it out in those problem areas.

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Zoned Heating & Cooling

If you're looking for the ultimate temperature flexibility throughout your entire house, then a multi-zone mini split system is your golden ticket to comfort.
These large systems can replace your central furnace and air conditioner entirely, allowing for greater temperature flexibility and efficiency.

For example, if you like to keep the thermostat at 68 degrees during winter but your wife likes it at 72, you can set each of your rooms differently. It's a worthwhile investment to finally end the temperature wars at home!

High Efficiency

It's important to emphasize the efficiency point. Mini splits include inverter technology which adjusts how hard the unit works to maintain your desired temperature. This means it utilizes the minimum amount of energy to keep you comfortable, which saves money over time.

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We can measure the efficiency of cooling equipment by its SEER2 rating. While traditional central air conditioners typically max out at 18 SEER2, mini splits can get up to 30 SEER2! With a mini split, you'll not only feel more comfortable at home, but you'll be saving money and the environment at the same time.

Cold Weather Heating

Most people think of mini splits as cooling-only units. That's because, traditionally, mini splits were not great at heating in colder climates (there wasn't enough warmth to pull from the outdoor air). This is no longer the case.

Mini Split Outdoor Condenser Unit

Today, so-called "low ambient" mini splits are designed specifically to function in low outdoor temperatures. Some units can maintain 100% heating capacity down to the single digits! They may even function at limited capacity below that, but you'd likely need a supplemental heat source. Nevertheless, we are fast approaching a day when mini splits can be used for heating in all climates.

Humidity Control

Mini splits are capable not only of heating and cooling your home, but also removing humidity. They have a specific setting, called "dry mode" that is designed to remove moisture from the air.

Although a mini split isn't a humidifier that you can set, using dry mode will make it run slower and remove more moisture from the air. Removing that mugginess is sometimes more than half the battle to you feeling cool and comfortable during those spring and summer months.

Multiple Styles

Mini splits come in all shapes and sizes to fit your home's look and style. You can install a conventional wall-mounted mini split that will effectively spread conditioned air over a wide area. Alternatively, ceiling cassette units conceal their heat exchanging parts inside of your ceiling, removing an otherwise obtrusive part from view.

Mini Split Ceiling Cassette in Kitchen

There are even concealed duct mini splits, so named because they are completely concealed within a wall have an air outlet through a small run of ductwork. No matter your situation, an indoor unit exists that will get the job done.

No Ducts

Ductwork maintenance is one of the most irritating and time-consuming parts of maintaining a traditional forced air heating and cooling system. Periodic cleaning combined with leak repairs that often require feats of acrobatics make ductwork a headache.

Mini Split in Family Room

Mini splits remove ductwork from the equation entirely, instead placing the air handler directly in the space you want to condition. The result is an entirely ductless HVAC system for your home that requires far less maintenance than traditional forced air systems.

Enhance Your Life

With all these benefits, mini splits can improve your overall quality of life at home. Whether you work from home full time, have an elderly parent living in an addition, or simply want to keep that frigid basement at a livable temperature, a mini split can work quietly behind the scenes to keep everyone comfortable.

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