Williams 6005621A
Williams 6005621A
Williams 6005621A
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Williams 6005621A
Williams 6005621A

Williams - 60K BTU - Propane Floor Furnace - 58% AFUE



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Product Discontinued
Sorry, this product is no longer available.
Williams - 60K BTU - Propane Floor Furnace - 58% AFUE
Williams - 60K BTU - Propane Floor Furnace - 58% AFUE
Model: 6005621A
Was $1,895.00
Product Discontinued
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    The Williams floor furnace takes up no above-the-floor space and effectively circulates warm air without the aid of a blower. The floor furnaces are fitted with an automatic floor register grille temperature control and a nonelectric pilot to make sure you have continuous heat even during power outages. Williams floor furnaces circulate heat through natural convection and are the perfect choice for homes with limited space.
  • No Electricity Needed
  • During power outages, you have a lot to worry about, but your furnace won't be an issue. The floor furnace requires no electricity for operation.
  • Safe Pilot Ignition
  • With matchless pilot ignition, the guess work is taken out of lighting the furnace. By sealing the pilot and igniter away from dirt and debris, the electronic igniter lights the furnace safely and reliably.
  • Vent Limit Safety Switch
  • The vent limit safety switch is equipped on all floor furnaces. This turns off the unit in case the vent is blocked, protecting your family from carbon monoxide and fires.
  • Easy Servicing
  • The Williams floor furnaces have a removable combustion chamber that lifts out for easy servicing.
  • Product Note
    The Williams floor furnace is designed as a replacement for your existing floor furnace. A thermostat does not come included with this unit and is required. The Williams P322016 thermostat is compatible and can be found under the "Accessories" tab. Alternatively, any standard millivolt thermostat can be used.
California residents see
Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Epichlorohydrin which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer.
For more information go to: www.p65Warnings.ca.gov


specs product image PID-71167
Product Category
General Information
Gas Floor Furnace
Product Category
Fuel Type Learn More
Fuel Type
To create heat, some form of fuel is required. Fuel Type specifies what the product uses as an input to create heat.
Liquid Propane
Vent Type Learn More
Vent Type
Products that use combustion (burning) of fuel to create heat also create potentially dangerous gasses that need to be exhausted (AKA "Vented"). Depending on the product, venting can be done via a chimney, through a side wall, or use a second vent to provide fresh air to the appliance.
Chimney Vent
Modulating/Staging Learn More
Stages are unique speeds or levels that equipment can operate at. More stages allow for better fine-tuned control of output, which improves comfort and efficiency. Modulating equipment can operate across a range of levels, giving the highest level of fine-tuned control. Learn More
Single Stage
Mount Type
Gas Conversion Kit
AFUE Learn More
AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) measures the efficiency of combustion equipment over the entire heating season, and is calculated by dividing the amount of energy that is actually heating your home by the total energy contained in the fuel used by the boiler/furnace. Learn More
58 %
Heating BTU
High Fire Input
60000 BTU
High Fire Output
42000 BTU
Flue Connection Size
4 Inches
Product Height
28 1/2 Inches
Product Width
24 Inches
Product Depth
42 Inches
Shipping Height
49 Inches
Shipping Width
29 1/2 Inches
Shipping Depth
22 1/2 Inches
Shipping Weight
174 Pounds
CSA Listed
Warranty Information
Parts Warranty Learn More
Parts Warranty
A warranty is a safeguard from defects in manufacturing and can vary in length and terms. Some manufacturers require registration for extended warranty benefits, be sure to check out features and the warranty document. To see the manufacturer's warranty statement, click on the Manuals tab. Learn More
1 Year
Heat Exchanger Warranty
10 Years


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Williams - 60K BTU - Propane Floor Furnace - 58% AFUE
Williams 6005621A
Williams 6005621A
Williams 6005621A
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