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LG - 9K BTU - Ceiling Cassette - For Single/Multi-Zone - Grille Sold Separately



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LG - 9K BTU - Ceiling Cassette - For Single/Multi-Zone - Grille Sold Separately
LG - 9K BTU - Ceiling Cassette - For Single/Multi-Zone - Grille Sold Separately
Model: LCN098HV4-NG
Not For Individual Sale
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    LG's devotion to providing efficient ductless solutions can be seen across the Multi F line of indoor units. Part of the Four-Way Ceiling Cassette lineup of mini split indoor units, the LCN098HV4 combines powerful multi-directional air flow with a low-profile design, allowing you to heat and cool large rooms discreetly. Thanks to the recessed installation design, a grille less than 1" thick is the only visible part of an installed LCN098HV4.
  • Air Flow Options
  • There are three automated air flow options with the LCN098HV4. Swing mode fluctuates air flow direction. Chaos wind cycles direct and fan speed to provide more natural circulation. Finally Swirl mode produces steady comfort though out the zone.
  • Quiet Design
  • The LCN098HV4 can operate at volumes as low as 30 dB thanks to its advanced fan motor. The brushless direct current motor reduces electrical and mechanical sound while providing powerful air movement.
  • Jet Cool
  • This LG unit feature a Jet Cool operation mode for rapid cooling. In this mode, the indoor unit observes a set point of 64 degrees Fahrenheit and the fan operates at maximum speed for 30 minutes to quickly cool your zone.
  • Automated Operation
  • Auto operation mode continually compares your zone's current and desired temperatures and uses that data to intelligently adjust the unit's fan speed and refrigerant flow to provide optimal comfort.
  • Sleep Mode
  • With the sleep mode and timer functions, you can set this indoor unit to save energy at night. Sleep mode will incrementally adjust temperature for an hour before the timer function automatically deactivates the unit.
  • Condensate Protection
  • Condensate overflow can damage your indoor unit and your home. An internal condensate pump with 27.5" of lift protects the LCN098HV4 through reliable, effective condensate removal.
  • Improved Air Quality
  • The LCN098HV4 features an anti-fungal filter to keep your air clean. This filter captures contaminants like dust and bacteria, and it is washable to ensure long term air quality.
  • Hot Start
  • When the hot start function is enabled, the LCN098HV4's fan will not engage until the outdoor condenser has had the opportunity to warm the indoor coil. This prevents the unit from blowing cold air during heating operations.
  • Product Note
    This product requires a compatible LG mini split outdoor condenser and the following accessories for indoor unit installation:
    • Line Set - This double insulated tubing transfers refrigerant efficiently between your outdoor condenser and indoor units.
    • Drain Tubing - Drain tubing facilitates the reliable and effective removal of condensate from your system. It connects your indoor units to drain locations of your choosing.
    • Connecting Wire - This durable, insulated wire provides power to your indoor units from your outdoor condenser.
    LG products include a 10-year warranty with the requirement that installation is completed by a licensed contractor and that the product is registered at https://lg-dfs-warranty.com/ within 60 days of installation.
California residents see
Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Formaldehyde (gas) which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer.
For more information go to: www.p65Warnings.ca.gov


specs product image PID-95030
General Information
Ceiling Cassette
Product Line
Multi F
Product Sub-line
Four-Way Ceiling Cassette
Operating Mode Learn More
Operating Mode
Some products are only capable of cooling, while others can either heat or cool a space. Some products heat via "heat pump" technology while others use electric heating elements. Learn More
Heating and Cooling
Multi-Zone Compatible
Refrigerant Type
Remote Control
Indoor Unit Size(s) Learn More
Indoor Unit Size(s)
Mini split systems can have one or more indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. Indoor Unit Size(s) specifies what indoor unit sizes are used in a system. We have combined 6k and 7k indoor units to enhance searchability.
Installation Location
Required Grille Model
Cooling BTU
Cooling Capacity
9000 BTU
Maximum Air Flow
300 CFM
Minimum Air Flow
230 CFM
Minimum Sound Level
30 dB
Maximum Sound Level Learn More
Maximum Sound Level
Sound levels are measured in decibels (dB). The lower the decibel rating, the less noise the product makes. As an example, a ticking watch is 20 dB while on the other end of the scale, a lawn mower is around 90 dB. Learn More
36 dB
Electrical Data
60 Hz
Gas Connection Size
3/8 Inch
Liquid Connection Size
1/4 Inch
Product Height
8 7/16 Inches
Product Width
22 7/16 Inches
Product Depth
22 7/16 Inches
Product Weight
29 Pounds
Shipping Weight
37 Pounds
UL Listed
ETL Listed
AHRI Certified
ISO Certified
Warranty Information
Parts Warranty Learn More
Parts Warranty
A warranty is a safeguard from defects in manufacturing and can vary in length and terms. To see the manufacturer's warranty statement, click on the Manuals tab. Learn More
5 Years


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LG - 9K BTU - Ceiling Cassette - For Single/Multi-Zone - Grille Sold Separately
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