Clean Comfort AM11-2843-5PP
Clean Comfort AM11-2843-5PP
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Clean Comfort 28" x 43" - Perfect Platform AHU/Furnace Upflow Base - 5-1/4"



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Clean Comfort 28
Clean Comfort 28" x 43" - Perfect Platform AHU/Furnace Upflow Base - 5-1/4"
Model: AM11-2843-5PP
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    More than half of our lives are spent indoors. What you may not know is that the EPA estimates that the air in your home is up to 5X as polluted as the air outdoors. Standard furnace filter systems pale in comparison to Clean Comfort's AM11-2843-5PP media air cleaner with its 28"x43" MERV 11 rated filter and versatile installation design that eliminates the need for a 90-degree duct adapter by working as a turning vane to evenly distribute air flow through the filter. Media air cleaners provide a cost-effective alternative to electronic air cleaners and offer essential indoor air quality protection, by removing pet hair, dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, and other air pollutants that could cause allergic reactions and trigger asthma symptoms. The AM11-2843-5PP is designed to easily upgrade your home's central heating and air conditioning system and protects against coil corrosion caused by particles that get trapped throughout your house.
  • Exceptional Filtration Efficiency
  • This MERV11 media air cleaner is up to 91% efficient at removing particles down to 0.3 micron. These filters are more than five inches deep and provide better pollution protection, catching more particles than standard furnace filters.
  • Durable, Dependable Design
  • The AM11-2843-5PP features a strong filter frame made of pressurized beverage board that allows for easy filter replacement and maintenance. It is made of heavy gauge galvanized steel and is finished with a corrosion-resistant, powder-coat paint.
  • Product Compatibility
  • Goodman C and D width cabinets


General Information
Media Air Cleaner
Product Line
Subscription Eligible
Filter Efficiency
Product Height
14 1/2 Inches
Product Width
43 Inches
Product Depth
28 1/2 Inches
Product Weight
57 Pounds


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Clean Comfort 28" x 43" - Perfect Platform AHU/Furnace Upflow Base - 5-1/4"
Clean Comfort AM11-2843-5PP
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