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What Size Wall Furnace Do I Need?

Wall Furnace Sizing Calculator

Product Expert

Adding a wall furnace to your room can open up a world of comfort during the cold winter months. However, if wall furnace isn't sized properly, you could wind-up worse off than before!

If your wall furnace is too small, it will run constantly while trying to meet the demand, but never get the room to the temperature you want. The furnace will also suffer from overuse and experience premature damage.

On the other hand, if the wall furnace is too large, you'll probably experience large temperature swings throughout the day. You'll also see lower than expected energy efficiency due to frequent cycling of the unit. This frequent starting and stopping could damage your system over time, as well. Also, don't forget about the extra upfront cost of buying a larger wall furnace than you need!

So how do I find the right size wall furnace for my space?direct vent wall furnace A common, misguided way is to use simple, rule-of-thumb sizing methods like square footage to size your wall furnace. Unfortunately, there are many other factors that can raise or lower your BTU requirements dramatically, such as your climate, building structure, and more.

Outside of getting a complete sizing estimate of your space, your best bet is using our online wall furnace sizing calculator. Our proprietary software will lead you through some brief, yet specific, questions about your space and provide the best sizing estimate you'll find from any online tool.

Wall Furnace Sizing Calculator >

Want a More Precise Measurement?
We're here to help you get the exact product for your needs. If you need a sizing calculation more precise than what our online tool provides, give us a call at 866-554-4328 and our engineers can provide a complete, professional sizing for your space at no cost to you.

Because of the detailed work involved, custom sizing may take a couple of days to complete. To get a head start, please fill out our sizing worksheet and send it back completed to or by fax to 1-866-554-4365.

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