Expand Your Boiler's Horizons!

Expand Your Boiler's Horizons!

Upgrade Your Boiler with the Amtrol EX-30

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By  |  Product Expert

We love added value.

No smartphone is really complete without a suite of apps. Likewise, no one orders an ice-cream sundae without, at the very least, sprinkles and whipped cream.

Naturally, we should demand the same expandable and customizable utility from everything we own.

Though we say you canít teach an old dog new tricks, when it comes to hydronic heat and chilled water systems, sometimes you can.

The Benefit of an Expansion Tank

Amtrol Expansion TanksExpansion tanks like the Amtrol EX-30 4.4 Gallon tank†can help save both your home and your life.

The concept is fairly simple: hydronic boilers create and disperse heat through the warming of water. When water warms, it expands and eventually vaporizes, increasing pressure.

Similarly, chilled water systems often move massive amounts of water with great pressure. In a closed system, these increases in pressure can potentially cause problems.

This is where our added value comes in.

An expansion tank installs in line with the piping of a hydronic boiler. When excess water or pressure arises through normal use, the expansion tank takes on the added stress.

Keeping Safety in Mind

Amtrol Expansion TanksOf course, the primary objective of the Amtrol expansion tank is safety. Too much pressure in a closed hydronic system is a bad problem to have.

Even if the rise in pressure isnít catastrophic, high-pressure levels can stress the boiler and pipes, causing leaks and cracks.

High pressure can damage expensive appliances in a chilled water system. Of course, too much pressure in a single point can also cause, in the worst of cases, explosions.†

Strength and Durability

Amtrol Expansion TanksThe Amtrol expansion tank, made of super-strong steel, takes on that extra pressure without batting a metaphorical eye. The EX-30 can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures of 100 PSI.

The EX-30 is factory tested and guaranteed to be water and air-tight. In addition, the EX-30 includes an air stem which allows the homeowner to make slight adjustments to the unitís air cushion to match a homeís needs.

At only 11 inches in diameter and 16 inches high, the EX-30 can hold a lot of pressure in a small space.


Amtrol Radiant Extrol - 4.4 Gallon - Radiant Heating System Expansion TankSafety isnít the only concern when it comes to expansion tanks. The Amtrol EX-30, in addition to safeguarding a hydronic heat or chilled water system, can also aid energy efficiency.

Internalizing extra water and pressure helps prevent simple things like water drips. The homeostasis brought by an expansion tank can also stop the toilet from filling at seemingly random times.

Expansion tanks also help to bypass pressure relief valves. As their name suggests, pressure relief valves remove pressure, but usually at the cost of energy and/or water. An expansion tank keeps the energy within the system without waste.

Keeping water and energy within a system and reducing waste allows Amtrol expansion tanks to save a homeowner money.

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