Best Ways To Cool Your Home

Best Ways To Cool Your Home

Three Types of Air Conditioners

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There's nothing more refreshing than stepping out of a hot and muggy outdoor environment into a cool, dry, air-conditioned home.

If you're not getting proper cooling, there are, fortunately, different types of air conditioning options to keep you comfortable, including some great alternatives to central air. Check out how to keep your house cool below.

Mini Split System

Mitsubishi Mini Split SystemA growing alternative to central air conditioning in homes is a ductless “mini split” system. These systems have already been popular in other parts of the world for decades.

Mini splits have some major advantages over other types of air conditioners.

  • They do not require ductwork.
  • Multiple units can be installed, allowing for individualized temperatures in different rooms.
  • High efficience ratings means mini splits save you money over time.

The end result is an entirely ductless heating and cooling system that can be installed in nearly any area of your home. Make sure you read our guide on picking the perfect mini split system to learn more about using this technology in your home.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)

Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)Another alternative to central air is called a packaged terminal air conditioner, or PTAC unit.

You have probably seen these during a stay at a hotel or if you have ever rented an upper-end apartment. It is an entirely self-contained, compact air conditioning system designed for cooling single rooms or small areas.

Inside of its case is a small compressor, heat-exchanger coil, and blower that work together to efficiently cool an area with minimal space needed. While not much space is needed inside or outside the building, PTACs do need to be installed in a wall, and sufficient space within the wall structure is required.

These units are typically not as efficient as central air conditioner units or ductless mini split systems, and as such, are best suited for applications where many individually-controlled systems are required, such as hotels or apartment buildings. Learn more about picking the perfect PTAC unit.

Central Air Conditioner

Rheem ACThere's always the good old-fashioned central forced air conditioner, which is the most common of all types of air conditioners found in modern single-family homes.

In colder regions, the A/C system is integrated into the furnace and uses its blower to circulate cooled air through ducts in the home. Warmer climates use only an air handler unit (blower without the furnace).

The outdoor condenser is what many people think of when they think of an “air conditioner." In actuality, the condenser is just one component of the system, the others being the indoor coil and blower. Read our guide on how central air conditioning works.

Naturally, if your home doesn't have ductwork, a central air conditioner will not work. For existing ducted homes, though, the central air conditioner is a time-tested standard. Learn how to pick the right central air conditioner.

Want More Options?

If none of the above three types or air conditioners are the right fit for you, you can also consider getting a room air conditioner as a low-cost, temporary solution.

You can also contact us, and our experts can help you figure out the best solution for your home. We're here to help!

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Ken, the eComfort Product Expert
Product Expert
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