Watts Radiant RFS-110X200-328
Watts Radiant RFS-110X200-328
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Watts Radiant R-Flex - 110mm (~4.33") - Insulated PEX - Single Pipe - 328'



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Watts Radiant R-Flex - 110mm (~4.33
Watts Radiant R-Flex - 110mm (~4.33") - Insulated PEX - Single Pipe - 328'
Model: RFS-110X200-328
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    Watts Radiant insulated R-Flex PEX pipe is an efficient, versatile alternative to traditional copper or black iron carrier pipes. R-Flex is durable yet flexible, giving you all the advantages of insulated carrier pipes while simultaneously solving their biggest problem: lack of flexibility. R-Flex's ability to bend means your installer does not have to take those otherwise pesky small ground hills and valleys into account during installation, saving you a significant amount of money on installation costs. The durable casing protects the internal PEX pipe from the corrosive effects of both weather and time, and the layer-based polyethylene insulation foam minimizes the fluid temperature change inside the PEX.
  • EVOH Oxygen Barrier
  • The EVOH oxygen barrier used with Watts Radiant R-Flex tubing is virtually impervious to oxygen. This resilient, effective barrier will give you a long, maintenance free service life.
  • Single Carrier Pipe Configuration
  • This R-Flex selection has a single pipe configuration, maximizing space-efficiency inside of the piping and allowing it to carry the maximum volume of fluid.
  • PE Foam Insulation
  • Just like wearing more layers keeps you warmer in the winter, the multiple layers of insulation reduces temperature loss of the fluid contained within to an absolute minimum.
  • Dual Wall Outer Jacket
  • The dual wall outer barrier design of the R-Flex pipe keeps the internal insulation and PEX safe from the corrosive effects of weather and time. This minimizes the amount of repair work that will have to be performed on the piping after installation.
  • Silane Cross-Linking Construction
  • The internal PEX piping of R-Flex tubing is manufactured using a superior manufacturing technology called Silane Cross-Linking. This manufacturing process gives the PEX in the tubing higher burst strength and provides superior anti-oxidant protection.


specs product image PID-25782
General Information
Product Line
Oxygen Barrier
Number of Pipes
Maximum Operating Temperature
200 F
Maximum Operating Pressure
160 PSI
Product Length
328 Feet
Shipping Weight
1250 Pounds
Outer Diameter
7 7/8 Inches
Nominal Diameter
4.33 Inches
Country of Origin
United States
ASTM Certified
Warranty Information
Warranty Learn More
10 Years


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Watts Radiant R-Flex - 110mm (~4.33") - Insulated PEX - Single Pipe - 328'
Watts Radiant RFS-110X200-328
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