Ceiling Suspended Mini Split Guide

Ceiling Suspended Mini Split Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Mini Split Suspended Indoor Unit

A ceiling-suspended mini split is the perfect ductless solution for large open areas, such as those inside commercial, recreational, and educational facilities.

Unlike a wall-mounted unit, a ductless ceiling-suspended air conditioner is secured or suspended directly from a ceiling, as the name implies. These mini splits are capable of moving air over greater distances to condition larger spaces with fewer units.


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When to Choose a Ceiling-Suspended Unit?

living roomCeiling-suspended mini split units are perfect for those large, wide-open spaces where a wall-mounted unit would struggle.

Once installed, a ceiling air conditioner can condition all areas evenly, keeping you comfortable no matter where in the room you are. Say goodbye to hot or cold spots.

They work great in:

  • Large rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Open-floor basements
  • Commercial showrooms
  • Classrooms
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Call Centers

Installing a Ceiling Suspended Unit

installationCeiling-suspended units can be secured directly to a ceiling or suspended from threaded rods. If you have other appliances installed on your ceiling that could block the airflow from your ceiling unit, you may need to suspend the unit. Just make sure it's at least eight feet above floor level.

Do not suspend them in the middle of the ceiling. Instead, they should be installed against an exterior wall for two main reasons:

    1. So the airflow can reach across the entire room rather than just half.

    2. So you can run the connecting wire, line set, and drain tube directly through from the outside condenser via a 3-inch hole.

Avoid installing these units near televisions, projectors, microwaves, or anything else that may give off electromagnetic interference. This will help ensure you have ideal communication between the remote and the unit when adjusting temperature or output.

Also, avoid installing the ceiling ac unit in direct sunlight or anywhere near a heat source, which can interfere with the unit's ability to accurately measure indoor temperature and result in too much or too little output and an uncomfortable living space.

Features & Accessories to Consider

mini split controlSome ceiling-suspended mini splits offer universal mounting capability, allowing you to suspend them from a ceiling or mount them on the bottom of a wall. However, the universally mountable units are typically not capable of throwing air as far as units strictly designed for ceiling suspension.

Many units can be connected to a fresh air supply via a duct and fan. Not all units are capable of this, but if you wish to draw fresh air into your space, it's a great way to do so while keeping the indoor air comfortable.

Be sure to read our mini split accessories buyer's guide for more ways to supplement your ceiling-suspended mini split.


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