Towel Warmer Buying Guide

Towel Warmer Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Towel Warmer

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By  |  Product Expert

Don’t you just love the feeling of pulling a towel fresh out of the dryer and snuggling in its warmth?


Compare that to leaving the warm embrace of the shower just to be smacked with the cold air of the bathroom. It's quite a different experience!


Now you can have the comfort of a hot towel greet you in the bathroom with the addition of a towel warmer. A perfect way to modernize your space, towel warmers bring a sense of class and elegance to any home and are offered in multiple styles to compliment any décor. I


f you're looking to transform your bathroom into a personal spa, a towel warmer is a great place to start.


Selecting a Heating Medium

Towel warmers use one of two different mediums to heat your towels, electricity or hot water. Each have their pros and cons, revolving mostly around operating cost and installation difficulty.



ElectricityElectric towel warmers take advantage of the 120V power sources already available in your bathroom to generate heat.


Depending on your electrical setup, décor preference, and preference for installation ease, electric towel warmers can be purchased in either hardwired or plug-in connection types.


They also come in many more styles than their hot-water-heated counterparts. These relatively easy-to-install towel warmers are often the best choice for a homeowner looking to add an elegant touch to their bathroom without major construction.


How to Pick the Perfect Electric Towel Warmer


Hot Water

Hot WaterHot water towel warmers, or hydronic towel warmers, are perfect for homes that already use a boiler for heating.


These towel warmers connect to the existing hydronic system and provide an even, consistent heat, whether just for heating your towels or for heating the bathroom as a whole.


When the water being used in the towel warmer is heated by a gas- or oil-fired boiler, the towel warmer’s operational cost is typically lower than when powered by electricity.


These future savings are slightly offset by the additional installation work that needs to be done for a hot water towel warmer, but if you plan on using your towel warmer often, this could be a very wise investment.


How to Pick the Perfect Hot Water Towel Warmer


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