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ELECTRIC TOWEL WARMER BUYING GUIDE: How to Pick the Perfect Electric Towel Warmer. Looking for the perfect addition to your bathroom with minimal installation required? Consider an electric towel warmer. Read our electric towel warmer buying guide to help you decide on the perfect towel warmer for you.

Electric Towel Warmer Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Electric Towel Warmer

Product Expert
Electric Towel Warmer Buying Guide

Electric towel warmers are an easy way to bring some luxury into your home. Whether you're relaxing after a long, hard-day’s work or rising to a brisk winter morning, who doesn’t desire that extra bit of comfort that an electric towel warmer can bring.

The most common type of towel warmer, electric towel warmers come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. However, before getting hooked on a specific design, you should consider how you plan on connecting the towel warmer to your home's electrical system.

Selecting a Connection Type
Electric towel warmers come in two different connection types, plug-in and hardwired. You should make your decision after considering effects on style, installation difficulty, and your bathroom's layout.


Plug-In Towel Warmers
Plug-in towel warmers are the easiest to install, as they plug right into a wall outlet.

If you have an outlet in the immediate vicinity of where you hope to mount your towel warmer, this could be a great option for you.

Remember, with added convenience comes added expense, so plug-in towel warmers are usually slightly more expensive than their hardwired versions. However, this is more than offset by not needing an electrician for installation.

Learn How to Pick the Perfect Plug-In Towel Warmer

Hardwired Towel Warmers
If you don't have a readily available outlet or you'd prefer a cleaner look without a visible cord, there are plenty of hardwired options available, as well.

Hardwired towel warmers will require a bit more installation work, as you will need to cut into your wall and connect the towel warmer directly to your home's electric wiring. For your safety, we recommend you hire an electrician to make this connection.

With this added effort, though, comes a lower upfront cost and a fully-integrated look you can't get with a cord and plug.

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