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BUILDING A SHOWER MADE EASY: How to Build a Shower with Schluter Systems. Experience the benefits of a properly sealed and constructed shower made from KERDI materials from Schluter Systems. It's the best way to build a shower.

Building a Shower Made Easy

How to Build a Shower with Schluter Systems

Product Expert
Building a Shower Made Easy

Admit it, how many of you are long shower takers? Especially when outdoor temperatures dip, there’s no better use of time or money for me than a nice warm shower. Steam builds up in the bathroom and it feels like your own personal sauna. I know this is not the most efficient use of water, but given the amount of paper and plastic I recycle per week, I figure long showers put me at just about even.

These long, warm showers are only possible when a homeowner has a properly installed and sealed shower system. Let’s imagine, for a moment, a homeowner who likes relaxing showers but hired a cut-rate contractor to install his or her shower. With every shower, water leaks down through unsealed cracks in the shower pan, slowly eroding the subfloor and surfaces below. After years of these showers, our poor homeowner wakes one morning to find a gloopy, mold-ridden sinkhole where their shower stall once stood. Not a good picture.

Schluter Shower Kits

Schluter Shower Kit
Enter Schluter Systems. Originally dedicated to tile edging and protection, Schluter has expanded their product line to cover all sorts of bathroom and kitchen remodeling solutions. One of these ingenious products is the Schluter KERDI shower kit. The KERDI shower kit is the like Lego for shower stalls. The Schluter shower system includes all the necessary parts and directions so even a relative novice can install a beautiful shower without much fuss.

Even better, and again like Lego, Schluter machines all the different components of the KERDI shower system to fit specifically into one another. This ensures every wandering droplet of water is channeled safely down the drain. Buying a shower piecemeal from a big box retailer may mean slightly different specifications between pan and drain, for example, requiring extra waterproofing and introducing more opportunity for catastrophic failure.

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Eliminating Water Damage Using Waterproofing Membrane
Schluter KERDI Waterproofing Membrane
First in the KERDI kit is the Schluter KERDI waterproofing membrane. Installed over the subfloor, the specially woven fabrics of the KERDI membrane ensure water stays segregated from any component susceptible to water damage or rot, and can be tiled on directly without any additional treatment. The KERDI membrane even comes in specifically cut corner pieces. Water leakage most often occurs at joints such as those between the floor and the wall. Including pre-cut waterproofing membranes covers these error points. This extra step helps ensure a complete shower system from Schluter.

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Containing Water Using a Shower Tray
Schluter Shower Tray
With the KERDI waterproofing membrane installed, next is the Schluter-SHOWER-ST two-piece shower pan system. Installing the SHOWER-ST literally couldn’t be easier. The two pieces of the SHOWER-ST are designed to dovetail perfectly into one another. Not only does this make installation a literal snap, but, again, the dedicated machining helps to ensure water stays in the drain where it belongs.

Knowing well that variety is the spice of life, Schluter manufactures a wide variety of SHOWER-ST pans to allow for variations in water drainage. A popular option is the center drain system, where the two halves of the SHOWER-ST come together with a drain hole in the center. However, Schluter also offers SHOWER-ST modular shower pans with varying drainage options.

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Schluter Dedicated Drain Kits
Schluter Center Drain
Some KERDI shower kits include dedicated drain kits. If a homeowner chooses this option, the drain includes necessary waterproofing membranes. Again, this drain is made specifically to fit the KERDI shower system.

With our pan and drain installed, all that is left are the finishing touches. The Schluter KERDI shower kit includes the SHOWER-SC curb. The SHOWER-SC curb installs at the outer threshold of the shower pan, keeping any water inside the shower and preventing spillage. The curb also adds visual appeal, adding a nice finishing touch to your ideal shower.

Long shower takers can now enjoy their steam in peace. With a Schluter KERDI system below and around them, keeping water quarantined from wood and providing proper drainage, even the most luxurious of showers will keep their surfaces safe from damage and rot.

Install a Schluter KERDI shower, recycle your plastics, turn off unused lights and take that long shower without worry or guilt (although try not to do it too often!).

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