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Watts Radiant RL12-100-OR RadiantPEX-AL - 3/4-Inch - PEX-AL-PEX Tubing - 100' Length - Orange

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Product Specifications
General Information
Product Line
Oxygen Barrier
Number of Pipes
Product Diameter (Inches)
0.75 Inches
Product Length (Feet)
100 Feet
Shipping Weight (Pounds)
18 Pounds
Inner Diameter (Inches)
0.806 Inches
Outer Diameter (Inches)
0.984 Inches
Warranty Information
Warranty (Years)
25 Years
UPC Listed
NSF Listed
Country of Origin
United States
ASTM Certified
Model: RL12-100-OR
Factory Direct: 
Ships in 4-7 Business Days
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Watts Radiant RadiantPEX-AL is a long-lasting, durable composite tubing pipe specifically developed for radiant floor heating, snow melting, and distribution piping. This unique 5-layer pipe's definitive feature is a layer of aluminum sandwiched in between two layers of durable cross-linked polyethylene rubber. This layer of aluminum gives the tube the ability to hold any shape it is formed into, allowing installations of PEX-AL-PEX pipe to be completed significantly faster than installations where standard pipe is used. The layer of aluminum also reduces expansion and contraction distance to an absolute minimum, making RadiantPEX-AL a steadfast, long-lasting piping solution for nearly any radiant heating application.

Product Features

Holds its Shape for Easy Installation
Once bent into a certain shape by the installer, RadiantPEX-AL will hold that shape until it is bent otherwise. This allows one person to install RadiantPEX-AL faster than nearly any other PEX tubing. The reduced installation times translate to an effortless installation for your contractor and decreased costs for you.

Minimal Contraction and Expansion Distance
PEX tubing normally expands and contracts as the temperature changes. The layer of aluminum in RadiantPEX-AL tubing reduces these fluctuations in size to an absolute minimum. This reduces wear and tear on the hydronic system, reducing long-term maintenance costss.

Silane Cross-Linking Construction
RadiantPEX-AL is manufactured using a superior manufacturing technology called Silane Cross-Linking. This manufacturing process gives the two PEX layers in the tubing much higher burst strength and provides superior anti-oxidant protection.

Highly Corrosion Resistant
RadiantPEX-AL tubing has unparalleled corrosion resistance, improving durability and further minimizing needed maintenance on the tubing throughout service life.

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Watts Radiant RL12-100-OR Reviews & Ratings
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Raymond Gill
Purchased from eComfort
Total Reviews
10 Reviews
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Watts Radiant Radiantpex-al - 3/4" - Pex-al-pex Tubing - 100' Length - Orange Review
Excellent product at a good price. I found the tubing to be easy to work with. I will never use copper again if I can avoid it. The compression fittings are a little on the pricey side but the ease of use more than makes up for the cost. My project was a retrofit installation below the floor and between the joists with 18 foot length. The Pex-Al-Pex while a little stiff stays where you put it and transfers plenty of heat with a 30 degree temperature difference. I did use aluminum heat transfer... more
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Shipping Information
  • Ships via Semi-Truck
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