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HYDRONIC TOWEL WARMER BUYING GUIDE: How to Pick the Perfect Hot Water Towel Warmer. Take advantage of your boiler to provide ultimate comfort in your bathroom with a hydronic towel warmer. Read our hydronic towel warmer buying guide to learn about your options and discover the right towel warmer for you.

Hydronic Towel Warmer Buying Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Hot Water Towel Warmer

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Hydronic Towel Warmer Buying Guide

Hydronic towel warmers are a great way to take advantage of your existing hot water heating system and add some luxury to your home. Imagine a hot towel ready for you after every shower and bath, just asking to embrace you with soft, cozy warmth. Hey, you could even throw your socks on there and have a nice warm cushion on your walk back to your bedroom.

Before you purchase a hydronic towel warmer, though, there are some things you need to consider. Use this hot water towel warmer buying guide to learn about your options and help you find the perfect towel warmer.

With a wide array of styles to choose from, hydronic towel warmers are designed with your custom comfort in mind.

While our online catalog already boasts the 15 most popular finish and color options, some models can be special ordered in over 100 additional colors if you’re in search of that perfect match.

Hydronic Towel Warmer Styles

But style’s not all about color. Take the time to pick the design that’s right for you and your space. From basic ladder structures to curves and flat panels, there’s a hydronic towel warmer out there to match any décor.

Designer Towel Warmers
Designer Hydronic Towel Warmers

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of style, we also offer designer hydronic towel warmers. These towel warmers command attention, functioning as a piece of art to admire while you bask in the warmth of your towel.

View Designer Hydronic Towel Warmers

To better control the flow of water to your hydronic towel warmer, consider using one or both of the valve types discussed below.

Isolating Valves
Isolating Valves
The most basic valves you should add to your hydronic towel warmer are isolating valves. Isolating valves allow you to shut off the flow of water from your boiler to your towel warmer when maintenance is needed.

Without two isolating valves (one for each end of the towel warmer piping), any repair that’s necessary can become rather difficult. They also allow you to turn your towel warmer off when you’re not using it, saving some energy along the way.

Thermostatic Valves
Thermostatic Valves
By default, your towel warmer will give off a standard amount of heat determined by the boiler. Thermostatic valves allow you to adjust the output of the towel warmer based on your comfort level. This is especially important if you hope to use the towel warmer as the main source of heat for your bathroom, too.

You'll only need one thermostatic valve per towel warmer, and since they can also shut off the flow of water, you can simply pair it with a single isolating valve for full water-flow control.

To find the appropriate valves for your towel warmer, look through the specific accessories we recommend on the towel warmer's product page. You may even find a kit that includes both an isolating and thermostatic valve for your convenience.

Hanging Accessories
Some hydronic towel warmer brands offer accessories for additional drying space or alternative hanging styles.

Towel Warmer Knobs
Perfect for hand towels, rings can ensure your smaller linens don’t fall to the ground when you’re not looking.

Use knobs for hanging larger items, such as robes or coats, or just even just as accents for some added texture.

Drying Racks
Need more space than your towel warmer provides or your wall allows? Use an expanding drying rack to add additional hanging bars without having to expand vertically or horizontally.

View All Towel Warmer Hanging Accessories

Mounting and Dimensions
Before you can decide on a style or accessories to add on, you need to know what size to get. This will almost always be based on where you'd like to place your towel warmer. When deciding on a location, consider both the material of the wall and your access to piping. The material of the wall may impact the stability of your installation, as some towel warmers can weigh up to 100 lbs, especially after all the wet towels you put on it. Additionally, if you decide to install the towel warmer too far from existing piping, your installation time and cost could really rise. If you have any questions about where best to install your towel warmer, feel free to give our experts a call and we'd be glad to help.

Once you've determined exactly where you'd like your towel warmer to be placed, take exact measurements of the height and width available. If depth may be a factor for you (e.g. you have swinging doors nearby), make sure to measure that as well. Remember that you'll need a little space to complete the installation, so don't get a towel warmer that fits so snug you can't get it on the wall.

Select Your Towel Warmer
Based on the space you have available, use the table below to find the right towel warmer for you. Most styles span many sizes, so you shouldn't have a problem finding the right towel warmer for you. If you don't see what you're looking for, try moving one size larger (if you have space) or smaller. It just might be worth it to give up a couple of inches to get that style you'll love to look at for years to come.

Select Your Hydronic Towel Warmer Dimensions

If you're still not sure what size hydronic towel warmer you want, you can view all of them by clicking the link below.

View All Hydronic Towel Warmers

Space Heating with Towel Warmers
Since towel warmers are effectively stylized radiators, you can choose to have your towel warmer also serve as the main heat source for your bathroom. For new construction or bathrooms with poor access to the home's existing HVAC system, this might be a great option.

If you elect to go this route, make sure you size your towel warmer based on the BTU it can provide your space. To find out how many BTU/Hr you need to effectively heat your room, use our space-heating sizing tool below.

Space-Heating Sizing Tool >

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