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Hydrolevel 3250 HydroStat Universal Temperature Limit, Boiler Reset and Low Water Cut-Off for Oil-Fired Boilers, 120 VAC

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Product Specifications
Electrical Data
Voltage (Volts)
120 Volts
Frequency (Hertz)
60 Hertz
Product Height (Inches)
6.3 Inches
Product Width (Inches)
4.6 Inches
Product Depth (Inches)
3.7 Inches
Product Weight (Pounds)
10 Pounds
Warranty Information
Parts Warranty (Years)
1 Year
Model: 3250
Factory Direct: 
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Hydrolevel HydroStat 3250 Universal Temperature Limit, Boiler Reset and Low Water Cut-Off for Oil-Fired Boilers, 120 VAC

The Hydrostat 3200 by Hydrolevel is a Universal Controller with Temperature Limit, Boiler Reset, and Low Water Cut-Off functionality. On new boilers, you can install the Fuel Smart Hydrostat with a Hydrolevel Electro-Well to meet local and state low water cut-off requirements and to provide your customer with fuel-saving Thermal Targeting technology. On existing boilers, you can replace common Aquastat models in the field to quickly upgrade older boilers with the Fuel Smart Hydrostat. If you choose to add the protection of a low water cut-off, just replace the immersion well with a Hydrolevel Electro-Well.

The boiler and radiation installed in a house is designed to keep the house warm on the coldest day of the year. For every other day, the heating system is essentially larger than it needs to be. With conventional boiler controls, this "oversized" boiler burns more fuel than is needed to keep the house warm. Fuel Smart HydroStat uses Thermal Targeting technology to analyze thermostat activity and continually evaluate how much heat the house requires. When it's very cold outside, the heat demand is high and Fuel Smart HydroStat will raise the boiler's target temperature to provide needed heat to the home. When the outside temperature is milder, the heat demand is lower. During these periods, Fuel Smart HydroStat will lower the boiler's target temperature, saving fuel while continuing to provide comfort to the home.

To further enhance fuel efficiency, Fuel Smart HydroStat is also equipped with a Thermal Pre-Purge feature. When activated, the control will purge standing heat in the boiler at the start of any thermostat call, supplying the "free" latent energy to the heating zone that is calling. If this latent heat is not sufficient to satisfy the thermostat, the control will then energize the burner. This feature works with single and multi-zone heating systems utilizing circulators or zone valves and requires no change in wiring.

Hydrolevel 3250 Universal Temperature Limit, Boiler Reset and Low Water Cut-Off Features:
  • Universal replacement for common Aquastat models
  • Provides cold-start and tankless-coil operation resulting in higher efficiencies
  • Easy to set dial-type limit settings
  • Industry standard wiring designations
  • Lowers the boiler temperature to save fuel without sacrificing comfort
  • Easy to install - no outdoor sensor required
  • Easy to set - just dial in the number of heating zones
  • Works with virtually any boiler - making it one of the most versatile control available in today's market
  • Low Water Cut-Off protects boiler from damaging low water conditions
  • LWCO automatically activated when installed with Hydrolevel Electro-Well
  • Saves cost and time associated with installing a separate control
  • Diagnostic Lights continually indicates which features are active and if the control is holding the burner off for any reason, no complicated menus to scroll through
  • Indirect Water Heater Compatible - Bypasses the Thermal Targeting function on calls from the indirect water heater allowing the boiler to fire to the high limit setting ensuring a quick response
  • Domestic How Water Priority with Override Protection - Provides priority to the indirect water heater. Allows zone heating after a sustained 30 minute call from the indirect water heater
  • Circulator Hold-Off - Delays circulator on a call for heat until the boiler temperature reaches 120 F to reduce potential for condensing
Hydrolevel 3250 Universal Temperature Limit, Boiler Reset and Low Water Cut-Off Accessories:
  • Remote Mounting - the Hydrolevel 48-101, 48-102, 48-103, 48-104 and 48-121 Remote Mount Kits are available separately for mounting the HydroStat Control Box in a remote location. Each kit includes mounting hardware and a remote sensor.
  • Electro-Well - To enable Hydrostat's low water cut-off function, Electro-Wells are available in 4 sizes to replace standard immersion wells. The Hydrolevel EW-201, EW-202, EW-204, EW-205, EW-221, EW-222, EW-224 and EW-225 are all compatible.
Hydrolevel 3250 Universal Temperature Limit, Boiler Reset and Low Water Cut-Off Warranty:
  • 1 year
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Hydrolevel 3250 Reviews & Ratings
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Unit Failure
My Hydrostat 3250 unit completely failed after only 18 months in service and the manufacturer (not Ecomfort) has not responded to my complaints. The furnace kept running and running and could have caused a fire and the loss of my home had I not been home to turn it off. I would not take a chance with this unit.
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