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Ecobee3 Installation Video

How to Install an Ecobee Thermostat System

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This video series provides a step-by-step walkthrough of the ecobee3 installation process.

It covers everything from the removal of your old thermostat to controlling the ecobee3 through the free mobile application.

For more tips or advice regarding the setup of this system, feel free to call and speak with an expert or drop us a line.

Take great care in following the steps, and remember that we're here to help should you need us.

Tools You Need
  • 1 phillips head screwdriver

  • 1 hammer

  • 1 drill

  • 1/8" drill bit

  • Before You Begin
    Before you begin, make sure to power off your HVAC equipment at your circuit panel.

    Verify your thermostat is off. To do this, adjust your A/C down or your heat up to trigger your HVAC system to turn on. Feel by the vents for air flow. If your system turns on and blows air, your thermostat is not turned off. If nothing happens, you're ready to move on.

    Inspect Your Existing Thermostat
    Gently remove your existing thermostat's face plate to determine compatibility. Most come off easily, while others may have screws that need to be removed first.

    Check the wires to see if you have a line voltage or low voltage system.

    DO NOT PROCEED if voltage labels read 110v or higher, or if your thermostat has thick wires connected to wire nuts, because this means your system is a line voltage system and you're not compatible.

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