Expert Q&A: Does this LG system come with refrigerant?

Expert Q&A: Does this LG system come with refrigerant?

Does this LG system come with refrigerant

Hi my name's Chris. I've been getting a lot of questions lately on the LS120HXV, this fun little mini split that we have right here.


The question that I've been getting quite frequently is the, "How much charge does this unit need to be?" And or, "Does it come pre-charged?"


With all mini splits, they do normally come pre-charged; and if you want to ever double check that, go to the manuals tab, click on the submittal.


This submittal is going to give you a lot of the manufacturer's specs that you're going to need for a lot of different installation purposes. When you go down to piping, you're going to be looking for piping length with no additional refrigerant required.


You get 24.6 feet. After that if you need to know the max pipe length, you're looking 49.2, additional refrigerant required per ounce, .22.


I hope this helps. If you have anything other further Q and A questions feel free to submit them.


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