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Mini Split Floor Mounted Unit Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Mini Split Floor Mounted Indoor Unit

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Don't have enough room at the top of your wall for a wall mounted unit? No worries, there are floor mounted units to consider.

Floor mounted mini split units mount at the bottom of the wall, near the floor, so you don't have to worry if your ceilings are too low or your windows are too high.

They're not very commonly sought after, but they're ideal in certain circumstances. Depending upon the layout of the room you're looking to condition, a floor mounted mini split unit might be just what you're looking for.

When to Choose a Floor Mounted Mini Split SystemWhen to Choose a Floor Mounted Mini Split System
If you've ever been in an attic bedroom, you know about slanted ceilings. These kinds of rooms have very little vertical wall height due to the slope of the ceiling.

Because of this, it's hard to mount a wall unit high enough on the wall. It's also generally not possible to mount a ceiling unit due to the ceiling's slant.

This is where you will need a floor mounted mini split system. The floor mounted unit installs at the bottom of the wall, so it's more likely to fit where it's supposed to. You may also use them in other rooms when you don't want to install wall or ceiling mini split units.

Where to Install a Floor Mounted Unit
Where to Install a Floor Mounted Mini Split UnitFloor mounted units get installed on the lower portion of a wall, 6 inches above the floor. You'll want to install the unit on an exterior wall so you can insert the connecting wire, line set, and drain tubing through a 3" hole from outside. The line set, connecting wire, and drain tubing all run to the unit from the outdoor condenser. The outdoor condenser is also a necessary component, as the floor mounted mini split unit itself is not capable of heating or cooling without it.

The floor mounted mini split unit comes with a bracket that mounts to the wall. After mounting the bracket, you hang the unit on it. Some units can be mounted just above the floor, however some units will require more clearance beneath them and will need to be raised as much as 6 inches for optimal air flow.

Avoid installing your floor mounted unit in a place that gets direct sunlight. Direct sunlight on the unit will effect its accuracy in determining indoor temperature, and will result in too much output from the unit. For better temperature control, mount the unit a reasonable distance from any direct sunlight spots.

Also don't install your unit near a television, microwave, or any other appliance that gives off electromagnetic interference. This will ensure you have clear communication between the remote control and the unit for changing temperature or output settings.

Don't install the unit behind furniture to hide it. The furniture will block the air flow and reduce the performance of the unit. Install the unit in a place where it's unobstructed and can blow cool air across the length of the room. Unrestricted air flow will allow the unit to more effectively and efficiently condition the air in the entire room.

Features to Consider
Floor Mounted Unit FeaturesSome floor mounted mini split units are capable of being mounted on the wall near the floor, or on a flat, horizontal ceiling. This allows for more options if it turns out you don't have enough room on your wall, but have a flat ceiling with enough space to install the unit.

Most units include a handheld remote, but it's possible you may find some units that include a hard-wired wall mounted control. Carefully look through the details on any model you're considering to ensure it has the types of controls and mounting you seek.

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