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What Size Radiator Do I Need?

Radiator Sizing Calculator

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Sizing your radiator correctly is an integral step in ensuring ideal comfort for you and your family.

If your radiator it is too small, you'll never quite reach the desired temperature you're looking to obtain. No matter how bright, shiny, and new, an undersized radiator won't add much to your home.

If it is too big, you'll wind up overspending up front and, once installed, overheating your space. This can cause troubles beyond just perspiration, including aiding the growth of mold and mildew.

So how do you measure the size that's right for your radiator?
You might think you could just measure the length of your current radiator and find another the same size. In fact, the dimensions of a radiator are rather independent of the amount of heat it can give off. This allows you to select from various dimensional options to find the best fit for your space without sacrificing comfort.

Simple, rule-of-thumb sizing methods, such as using the square footage of your room, are also very attractive but can be just as misleading. Unfortunately, there are many other factors besides square footage that play a role in determining your BTU requirements.

To make sure you get the perfectly sized radiator, we offer a sophisticated, easy-to-use online radiator sizing calculator. Our proprietary software will lead you through some brief, yet specific, questions about your space and provide the best sizing estimate you'll find from any online tool. Keep in mind that depending on the design of your room and/or piping, so you may elect to use multiple low-BTU radiators that together meet the heating requirements rather than a single high-BTU radiator.

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Need a More Precise Measurement?
We're here to help you get the exact product for your needs. If you need a sizing calculation more precise than what our online tool provides, give us a call at 866-554-4328 and our engineers can provide a complete, professional sizing for your space at no cost to you.

Because of the detailed work involved, these sizings take about 3-5 business days to complete. To get a head start, please fill out our sizing worksheet and send it back completed to or by fax to 1-866-554-4365.

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