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Air Filters for a Healthy, Happy Home

Air Filters for a Healthy, Happy Home

An Overview of Flanders and Clean Comfort Filters

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Did you know the air inside your home is more contaminated than the air outside?

Indoor air quality may not get as much attention as big ticket items like a furnace, boiler, or an air conditioner, but air purification systems are just as important, if not more in terms of effecting your health.

If you think about how a furnace or boiler works, a flame heats the water or air and is pushed throughout the home. This process of burning fuel for heat, by its very nature, puts particulates and pollution into a home's air. HVAC venting systems reduce much of the hazard, but no venting system is perfect. Therefore it becomes paramount that a home has a proper air filtration system to ensure clean indoor air for all inhabitants.

Distilled to its simplest form, all air filters are a medium through which air passes. Layers of fine mesh—often made of paper, foam or cotton—capture particulates like dust and pollen in the air. This basic technology works in a home the same as it works for a car or even a respirator mask. More advanced air filtration systems use electrical currents to capture smaller and smaller particles. The addition of fans increases the volume of captured particulates.

Air filters are rated based on the percentage and size of the pollutants they capture. Ratings classes range from G1 to H14. Class G1 filters, for example, capture 65 percent of pollutants which measure five micrometers and larger. A HEPA filter is the highest classification of air filters, rating H13 or H14. An H14 HEPA filter traps 99.995 percent of all particulates measuring as small as 0.3 micrometers. Dust mites and allergens often measure as small as 0.3 micrometers, so HEPA filtration can be vital for those prone to allergies.

Flanders Corp. Air Filters
Flanders Air FiltersSince its founding in 1950, the Flanders Corp. has dedicated itself to creating filters and products to clean indoor air. The EZ Flow II filter is a disposable filter designed for use in conjunction with residential furnace and air conditioning systems. The frame of the EZ Flow II air filter is constructed from a single-piece of durable chip board. This single-piece construction helps to eliminate media separation problems at the filter's corners. Where many similar air filters connect the media (the part which captures particulates and pollution) to the frame via a wire mesh, the EZ Flow II adheres the media directly to the frame without the need for structural mesh. This provides more volume of media and enhances the amount of pollution the EZ Flow II can capture. The EZ Flow II is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses to accommodate the variety of furnace sizes.

For commercial and industrial spaces, Flanders offers the PrecisionCell II filter. The PrecisionCell II measures a trim 4 inches thick. This slim profile makes the PrecisionCell II versatile for commercial and industrial air cleaning. Filters in the PrecisionCell II line can scrub up to 95 percent of all particulates from the air. Additionally, each PrecisionCell II is engineered to scrub air at velocities of up to 625 feet per minute. Horizontal and diagonal supports to the frame ensure structural integrity even at the highest air speeds. The PrecisionCell II's filtering media is made from folded layers of microfine fiberglass. In addition to being efficient at scrubbing the air, the PrecisionCell II's media is water resistant.

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Clean Comfort Air Filters
Clean Comfort Air FiltersClean Comfort's expertise in heating and cooling systems gives them unique insight into air purification. Their air cleaners ensure only the cleanest air leaves your furnace or air conditioner. Clean Comfort's AM11-1625-5 Media Air Cleaner uses an AMP-M1-1056 MERV 11 media air filter. Clean Comfort, being the manufacturer of both the filter and the cabinet in which the filter sits, makes certain the filter sits in its housing without any gaps. Gaps between aftermarket media filters and the air cleaner housings can invite dust and allergens into a home's ducts. The AMP-M1-1056 filter, rated 11 on the MERV scale, captures dust, mold spores, dust mites, dander and other contaminants which can potentially damage the lungs. Fewer than five percent of larger particles pass through the unit. The AMP-M1-1056 can handle airflow rates of up to 1,400 cubic feet of air per minute without a significant drop in air velocity.

For pristine air, Clean Comfort offers the AMP-G1-1056 Premium Series MERV 14 air filter for the AM14-1625-5 Air Cleaner. The AMP-G1-1056 filter is 5 inches deep with 26 pleats across its face. This extra-deep, extra-pleated construction gives the AMP-G1-1506 more surface area than competing media filters, which helps extend product life and maximize productivity. Under normal operating conditions, an AMP-G1-1506 Premium Series filter will last one full year. Competing media filters need to be replaced every four-to-six months.

Being a MERV 14 filter, the AMP-G1-1506 Premium Series captures 95 percent of all particulates and up to 98 percent of larger pollutants. The higher MERV rating means the AMP-G1-1506 can capture tobacco smoke and the droplet nuclei found in sneezes which can transmit illnesses. The AMP-G1-1506 can capture particles under one micrometer in size.

Whether you're looking to get proactive about spring allergies or just remembering that you haven't changed your filter in years, we can help you find the perfect product to make your home healthier and happier.

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