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Outdoor Temperature Reset Control

How to Increase Efficiency and Comfort in Your Boiler

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Low energy costs and a comfortable home are the hallmarks of an efficient, effective HVAC system.

Climate control needs vary widely from building to building and across regions. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to maintaining energy efficiency while staying warm.

However, whether you're installing a new system or looking for ways to improve an existing one, a temperature reset control is great for improving the efficiency of any hydronic heating system without compromising comfort.

Why to Utilize an Outdoor Temperature Reset Control
Weil-McLain Outdoor Reset ControlTo be effective, your hydronic system must replace heat that's lost to cold outdoor temperatures. However, without a temperature reset control, a boiler will operate without regard to how much heat is needed to reach an optimal temperature.

This causes your boiler to overproduce and short-cycle, leading to indoor fluctuations and high energy costs. The solution is an outdoor temperature reset control. This is a sensor that's placed outside your home and connected to your boiler to provide information that's used to balance indoor temperature against heat loss.

The History of Outdoor Temperature Reset Controls
Outdoor reset controls have existed for decades, but recently have been gaining traction as a simple, cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency.

In 1984, Minnesota found outdoor reset controls saved an average of 10% on heating costs. Current estimates are 15% or more for condensing boilers.

In 2007, the DOE proposed mandatory outdoor reset controls on new boilers. Ultimately, the DOE found it doesn't have authority to mandate such requirements. However, the DOE opted for minimum AFUE ratings on boilers produced after November 19th, 2015.

What Are Outdoor Reset Controls?
whats an outdoor reset controlOutdoor reset controls are versatile tools for managing the temperature of hydronic systems. They reduce temperature fluctuations and contribute to energy efficiency. However, there are some instances in which outdoor temperature reset must be augmented by additional equipment in order to provide the greatest benefit.

Older boilers, especially non-condensing ones, may require protection from cool water. This can be accomplished with mixing valves or a buffer tank. These are valuable additions to any system regardless, as they provide additional water temperatures for your system. House controls from Tekmar provide you with outdoor reset and mixing control, as well as zoning solutions.

Benefiting From Outdoor Temperature Reset Controls
By establishing better control of your heating system with an outdoor temperature reset control, you won't have to worry anymore about outdoor temperature swings causing uncomfortable fluctuations within your home, and you'll be free from the worry of inflated energy costs.

Comfort and efficiency are important to your quality of living; and no matter what kind of hydronic system you have, there's a way to add an outdoor temperature reset control. Contact our experts today to discuss the best way to add an outdoor temperature reset control to your home.

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