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ComfortPro 98105
ComfortPro 98105
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ComfortPro AquaHeat PEX-C Pipe with Oxygen Diffusion Barrier - 1/2" x 1000', Natural/White



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ComfortPro AquaHeat PEX-C Pipe with Oxygen Diffusion Barrier - 1/2
ComfortPro AquaHeat PEX-C Pipe with Oxygen Diffusion Barrier - 1/2" x 1000', Natural/White
Model: 98105
Was $571.26
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    ComfortPro AquaHeat PEX-C Pipe with Oxygen Diffusion Barrier - 1/2" x 1000', Natural/White

    The number one reason consumers choose AquaHeat hydronic radiant floor heating is comfort. The system eliminates chilly drafts. There's no need for fans to move air around. In today's new home designs, hydronic radiant floor heating makes even more sense. Rooms (bathrooms included) are larger, with higher ceilings and lots of tile and other cold surfaces. With forced-air and radiator heating, these spaces generally feel cold, that's not a problem with radiant floor heating; even the hard surfaces will feel warm to the touch. The system allows great flexibility when it comes to furniture arrangement, too. With forced air or radiators, occupants must strategically place their furniture to accommodate grills or radiators, with radiant floor heating, furniture can go anywhere because there are no grills or radiators. The AquaHeat PEX-C pipes are produced from special HMW-HDPE resins. The crosslinking is performed in a state of the art E-beam accelerator after the production process, resulting in irreversible cross-links between adjacent P.E. chains. The crosslinking process renders the pipe improved mechanical process such as; resistance to corrosion and pressure at high temperature, exceptional high abrasion and superb chemical resistance, and excellent longevity at high temperatures. Product is coated with oxygen diffusion barrier which prevents oxygen from entering the heating system through the pipe wall. AquaHeat is a leader in the area of Hydronic radiant heating systems. Systems being the key word. AquaHeat's system and user friendly approach are a result of the expertise of its founders. Their combined expertise developed AquaHeat's integrated modular product offering.

    ComfortPro 98105 AquaHeat PEX-C Pipe Features:
    • Comfortable and Efficient - The surface temperature of the floor is designed to be no higher than 88F, so it's always comfortable to walk on. AquaHeat operates at the lowest possible water temperature to heat the structure. This level provides the most efficient transfer of energy. There are no wide temperature variations that you experience with forced air or radiator systems. It's also quiet! There are no noisy fans or radiator expansion noises to contend with, simply quiet comfort. Energy efficiency is one of the system's strong points because the system delivers heat where it's needed, with little waste. A thermostat can be put in every room of the house, and unoccupied rooms can be set back to save energy.
    • Radiant Energy - Radiant floor heating systems can be powered by various heat sources, high efficiency boilers, special water heaters, geothermal systems, solar collectors therefore no furnace is needed. Often, the floor heating system can be combined with high-velocity air conditioning, and a potable hot water delivery system for cooking, bathing and laundry. Many homes today have one or more vaulted ceilings. With forced-air or radiator systems, these larger open areas require ceiling fans to blow air up or down, depending on the season. But with a radiant floor system warm air is already right where you want it. Think of it this way: when you're sitting down to watch TV. If you have a forced-air or radiator system, often you must turn the heat up to be comfortable; with radiant heat, you can actually turn it DOWN because you're closer to the floor, which is the source of heat.
    • In the Zone - A zone is an area of thermostatic temperature control, which may consist of a single room, a single level, or other designation. A typical installation will have a number of zones depending upon the system design, which will ensure the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. The complete manifold system and control system occupy a very small area.
    • Contractor Friendly - Installation is easy, and is usually done by the plumbing and heating contractor. We have developed installation tools that make it easier for the contractor to put in our products and AquaHeat provides installation assistance and guidance when necessary.
    • Cost Considerations - A radiant floor system may have a higher initial cost compared to traditional hot water or forced-air heating. However, cost of ownership helps offset this initial outlay. Operation of a radiant system can be significantly less than other heating systems, with substantially greater comfort. When properly designed and installed, there's a potential for great energy savings.
    • Past and Future - Radiant heating goes all the way back to the days of the Romans, and it's considered a benchmark heating system in the world today. Current technology provides the product and equipment needed to make it a success. Radiant floor heating is the system of the future, "It's a system that is, without question, the best and most comfortable you could possibly install." At AquaHeat, we're able to make the best more affordable, so that everyone can enjoy this kind of system.
    ComfortPro 98105 AquaHeat PEX-C Pipe Warranty:
    • 25 years


General Information
Oxygen Barrier
Number of Pipes
Cross Linked Polyethylene
Product Diameter
1/2 Inch
Product Length
1000 Feet
Product Weight
205 Pounds
Warranty Information
Warranty Learn More
A warranty is a safeguard from defects in manufacturing and can vary in length and terms. To see the manufacturer's warranty statement, click on the Manuals tab. Learn More
25 Years


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ComfortPro AquaHeat PEX-C Pipe with Oxygen Diffusion Barrier - 1/2" x 1000', Natural/White
ComfortPro 98105
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