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The Burnham ESC hot water boiler can be the perfect upgrade for those looking for HVAC improvements this fall. Burnham has been in the boiler game for nearly 100 years.

Sealed Combustion with Burnham

The Burnham ESC Boiler

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Sealed Combustion with Burnham

One of the benefits of warmer summer months is that it gives a homeowner the chance to reevaluate their home’s heating system without worry of immediate, freezing cold.

If the furnace or boiler stays off for a few weeks in July, who would notice or care, right? The season is made even better when a no-brainer upgrade presents itself.

For those looking at the old boiler knocking in their basements, this summer presents one of those no-brainers.

Why Choose the Burnham ESC Hot Water Boiler?

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The Burnham ESC hot water boiler can be the perfect upgrade for those looking for HVAC improvements this summer season. Burnham has been in the boiler game for nearly 100 years. In that time, the company has learned to engineer boilers that present a great mix of power and efficiency. First things first, the Burnham ESC4BPI-TS sealed combustion boiler is rated for 91,200 BTUs of heat per hour. So rest assured, even when winter comes—and winter will eventually come back—the ESC will get the job done.

Mechanical & Structural Integrity
It’s not sheer power alone which sets the ESC apart though. A boiler is nothing without heating power, and what sets this Burnham boiler apart is how intelligently the machine uses its power. It starts with smart engineering and construction.
ESC Combustion Chamber

The Burnham ESC is made of cast iron and stainless steel, so years down the road, a homeowner can rest assured the boiler will still be like new. Of the many great features offered, the ESC boasts a sealed combustion chamber and offers a variety of venting options.

Sealing the combustion chamber helps reduce the possibility of corrosion and efficiency-robbing particulate compromising the burner. Having the ability to direct vent or power vent adds versatility and makes sure flue gasses travel swiftly from the boiler to maintain high efficiency and power.

Double jacketed parts on the boiler also keep the heat inside the unit instead of radiating hard-earned money out to the surrounding basement.

They Gave it "Brains"
ESC IQ Panel

Burnham steps beyond mechanical and structural integrity to make their ESC boiler technologically smart as well. The ESC includes what Burnham calls the IQ Control System. IQ Control consists of two specific components: Intelligent Hydronic control and an IQ Option panel, which give the ESC boiler a whole lot of brains.

The IQ Option panel features a system of plug in cards to add functionality to the ESC boiler. Users who want outdoor reset options to keep the boiler temps in line with exterior temperatures need only plug in a small module.

The same goes for changing the water cutoff. Instead of navigating complex computer menus, a homeowner can mix and match Burnham IQ modules to tailor the ESC’s performance to perfectly suit his or her home.

Similarly, Burnham’s Intelligent Hydronic Control allows further customization. A homeowner can set up to two set points for their system, control burner ignition, and manipulate the various fan and circulator relays in the boiler. Intelligent Hydronic Control also acts as an aquastat to keep a homeowner abreast of the operations in their boiler.

Benefiting From Combined Integrity & Intelligence
All this technology and construction combines to make the Burnham ESC hot water boiler powerful and efficient. The ESC achieves an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency score of 85.5%. Upgrading from older, AFUE-deficient boilers can result in noticeable savings when the monthly heating bills star to roll around.

Now that the weather is getting warm, we have the luxury of reevaluating our heating systems. For those looking to upgrade the clunker eating fuel and money in the basement, the intelligent and strong Burnham ESC boiler offers a great opportunity.

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